Upcoming Programs

The CIP Initiative is planning a Think Tank on strategies for responding to children following the arrest of their caregiver. The information produced during the event will be documented in a summary report as well as used to design a new or revised model for responding that will be piloted and evaluated with supportive funds from the Initiative.

The vision for the event is to engage a small group of selected invitees to reflect on the topic, review existing models, and share experiences with caregiver arrest and its effect on children. Our intended outcome is to create or modify strategies for responding responding to children of arrested caregivers that should result in reduced traumatic stress and long-term negative health consequences for children.


The IMRP is drafting a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit applications from Connecticut organizations that have the capacity to design and implement a mentoring intervention created specifically for children with incarcerated parents. The selected contractor(s) will also be responsible for participating in an evaluation of the services’ effect(s) on children. Information gleaned from this demonstration program will add to the findings already acquired during IMRP’s evaluation of Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Amachi model for CIP mentoring services.