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Incarceration, whether one’s own or that of a loved one, is a personal experience that many people don’t share with others for fear of judgment. However, this silence prevents those with a loved one in prison from receiving helpful information and support during this difficult time. The CIP Initiative is hoping that through the sharing of each other’s stories those going through similar challenges will feel less alone, and people with shared experiences will be better able to support each other. As more Connecticut stories are shared, we are also hopeful that people will realize just how common incarceration is in this state, and that the consequences extend far beyond prison walls.

Connecticut Storytellers

Please click on the name of a storyteller below to hear them describe how incarceration has affected them. If you are interested in sharing your story with the hope that it may benefit others, please e-mail us at

Storytellers from other places with similar experience

Watch this brief, 3 min 11 sec, video of an adult daughter describing her father’s arrest and incarceration. It is incredible. “He said, ‘I Hope I’ll Be Back Soon.'” The policemen didn’t say anything. They just left her there. Decades later, she’s still waiting”. – Lori White