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Questions About My Family Member

Why is my family member there?
Your family member is there because it was decided that they broke the law, or disobeyed a rule, and going to prison is part of their consequence.

Is my family member okay?
Your family member has food and water, a place to sleep and comfortable clothes. As part of their consequence, they need to stay at the jail/prison/correctional facility for some time. While there, they will eat, sleep and talk with other people. If you write to, or speak with your family member, you may want to ask them what they do while there and what their room is like.

What will they do there?

Your family member will have rules to follow. They will eat, sleep, exercise, and talk with other people.

Is my family member safe?

The people who are in charge of the jail try very hard to keep everyone safe.

My family member said they didn’t do it. Did my family member lie about this?
We don’t know yet. Your family member will have a chance to explain to the judge what happened. This might take a long time.

Questions About My Feelings

Is it okay if I feel confused, scared, sad, or angry?
All feelings are okay. Sometimes it helps to talk to other people like a friend or trusted adult about your feelings. You could also write or draw pictures about how you feel. 

Is it okay if I still love my family member?
Yes, it is okay that you love your family member.

Is it okay if I don’t love my family member anymore?
Yes it is, and it is also okay for your feelings to change over time.

What can I do to help my family member?
Everyone in the family needs love and support. You can help by doing chores at home, being a good brother or sister, doing well in school and making them proud. And if you have bad days then that is okay, just remember to keep trying.

What if I do something wrong? Will I go to jail too?
If you do something wrong you might have a consequence like a time-out or not riding your bike for three days.