This is what the courtroom may look like. Click on the words to reveal their meanings!

Judicial Marshal

A Judicial Marshal works at the court to make sure that everyone follows the rules of the court while they are there. Judicial Marshals will make sure that no one brings anything into court that is not allowed and they help people that have been arrested and are staying at a prison or jail get to-and-from court safely.

Defense Lawyer

They may question the defendant and other people who have anything to say about what happened.


Is the person who the police say has committed the offense or broken the rule.

Police Officer

They help the prosecutor by saying what the police saw.

Victim Advocate

This is the person who the judge has agreed can support the witness or victim in court.


Witnesses are the people who have seen or heard anything that will help the judge or jury decide what has happened.


Is in charge of the court. They decide if the defendant is guilty of committing the offense (or breaking the rule) beyond reasonable doubt. If there is  a jury (a group of people), the jury will decide this instead.


Their job is to prove that the defendant is guilty of committing the offense beyond reasonable doubt.


The Clerk helps the judge and makes sure that court processes are followed.


The jury is made up of adults (jurors). Sometimes there isn’t a jury. If there is a jury they will decide whether the defendant is guilty of breaking the law or not guilty.


Members of the public can come to a court case, and they sit in the gallery.


Court is where a judge listens to your family member and other people. The judge tries to find out what happened, and make a fair decision about what will happen next.