Children with Incarcerated Parents
We are dedicated to providing helpful information to those with a loved one in a Connecticut correctional facility.
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Children with Incarcerated
Parents (CIP) Initiative
Did you know?

1 in 14 U.S. children have had a parent who lives with them go to jail or prison.

That is more than 1 million children.
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Nishka shares her story about how parental
incarceration has affected her.
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The CIP Initiative seeks to improve the quality of supports for children with incarcerated parents by using the various data and knowledge it gains to inform public policy and practice.


Having a parent or other loved one in prison can be really hard and confusing. On the Children's Page, you will find information on prison, definitions to words you may have heard or seen, and answers to questions you might have.


Friends and family can play a vital role in easing the strain of having a loved one in prison. On the Adults pages, we provide information that may support you, as you seek to support them.

CCSU Collaborations

Help for Hard Times

Suggestions for families and friends when a loved one i

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Tips from Caregivers for Caregivers

Caregivers tips on how to interact and give advice to c

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Questions from Caregivers

Most frequently asked caregivers questions from visitat

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Caring for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Discusses challenges for children at each stage of thei

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Caregivers Guide

How to Explain Jails and Prisons to Children. Read More

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CIP Mythbusters: SNAP Eligibility

Myths and facts regarding SNAP eligibility. Read More

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CIP Mythbusters: TANF Eligibility

Myths and facts regarding TANF eligibility. Read More

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CIP Mythbusters: Social Security

Myths and facts regarding social security. Read More

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CIP Mythbusters: Medicaid

Myths and facts regarding Medicaid. Read More

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CIP Mythbusters: Parental Arrests

Myths and facts regarding parental arrests. Read More

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CIP Mythbusters: Child Welfare

Myths and facts regarding child welfare. Read More

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Common Stress Points for Children

A parent’s involvement in the criminal justice sy

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What Do Children of Incarcerated Parents and their Caregivers Need?

From interviews with caregivers. Read More

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Tips for Families

Communication tips for the incarcerated and their famil

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Telling the Children

A variety of scenarios and methods to assist with addre

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Questions Children Ask

There are 4 main questions that children ask or want to

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What to Tell Children When a Parent or Family Member Goes to Prison

Connecticut-based organization, Families in Crisis, off

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Visiting Mom or Dad

A developmental guide for preparing children for prison

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Preparing a Child for a Prison Visit

Find some suggested strategies for an incarcerated pare

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Why Maintain Relationships?

Potential benefits of visitation for children and the i

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Tips on How to Work With Your Lawyer

10 helpful tips on how to work with your Lawyer. Read M

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Tips From a Father in Prison

A list of suggestions from an incarcerated father on ho

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Family Law Handbook: A Resource for People in Connecticut’s Prison

This handbook addresses how family law impacts people i

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